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Dubbed the Eternal City by poets and artists, Rome is one of the world’s most exhilarating and romantic travel destinations. It is a city that inspires the mind, appeals to the senses and captures the heart.

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Catania30.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 17
Bari29.03.202101.04.2021Tickets from 18
Odessa09.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 30
Budapest06.04.202107.04.2021Tickets from 33
Bucharest03.04.202105.04.2021Tickets from 34
Kyiv03.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 35
Karlsruhe/Baden Baden19.06.202122.06.2021Tickets from 35
Lviv02.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 38
Palermo04.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 40
Warsaw25.04.202127.04.2021Tickets from 41
Marseille01.09.202105.09.2021Tickets from 41
Madrid16.04.202118.04.2021Tickets from 41
Lisbon02.04.202105.04.2021Tickets from 42
Paris11.10.202113.10.2021Tickets from 43
Vienna08.04.202111.04.2021Tickets from 43
Barcelona14.06.202118.06.2021Tickets from 44
London10.05.202114.05.2021Tickets from 44
Athens05.06.202110.06.2021Tickets from 44
Berlin04.06.202107.06.2021Tickets from 45
Amsterdam03.07.202104.07.2021Tickets from 48

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